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♦ Best production house Mumbai Pune
Planning for a shoot ? Have any project, You want world to notice ? 
Whatever your goal is, a good story telling is key, to stand out and let world listen to you.
At Prismaurals, we hear you and your thoughts.
Based in Mumbai and Pune, we work in customized way to serve our clients with the best possible way we can.
Specialized in films, short films, documentaries,corporate projects, ads, commercials etc.
We work with industry standards,and platform along with Professionals and freelancers, to deliver the professional output to our clients.
Having budget as per the projects and requirements, we stand out with rest of the players in market, as flexible customization is the way we go around.
You are just a click away to make your dreams come true. Kindly feel free to contact us. We are completely functional.
As prismaurals will take care of the whole process from start to finish.

Script / Content writing

Everything starts here. Just let us know what your goal is. Specialist at prismaurals will transform your concept into a beautiful audio visual,you would really appreciate.

Production Design

Never stop at writing. Let your work speak though best visuals and sound. At prismaurals, we do take it seriously that justify your thoughts.


We have a very good repo with actors of different ages, looks, and understanding if they would really make justice towards the project.


Heart of the trade. yes but just don't worry if its Permissions, Equipments, Professionals etc, from bookings to execution, we are well experienced to deal with all this with ease.

Post Productions

Editing, Visual effects, Sound design, Mixing, Colour Correction to anything that needs to make a project better, we are there to justify and get you a experience, you would like to celebrate with.

# Why Choose Us #

Best productions mumbai pune, at Prismaurals, we believes in creative working. No matter if its rain, heat,early mornings, late nights, if essential, we are there for project.
Working on freelance basis, work is the only thing, that keeps us together, grow , and have a sense of satisfaction as well.
We choose projects that we think, we can make best justice to it, and will be ever ready to accomplish it no matter what.
What we really don’t like are formalities. It’s our project once we are committed to it, and will serve our best to get it done.
Considerations of every small or big things, essential for a project are being taken care with us, because we at prismaurals believes in opportunities, and deliver the best to achieve it.

# What Our Client Says #

" From pre to post,without any tension. Prismaurals productions did everything for us. Thank you guys.
joseph s
Joseph S.
Indie Film-maker
" Never expected a project to be so upto-date,the way we wanted. It was great working with you. cheersss !!!!
Project manager
" Professional, sensible, Hard working, creative, friendly and what else it needs for good work to produce. Thank you guys !!
Rakesh A
" One of the best production house in market. All the very best.hope to see you soon. It was great working with you !!!!!!!!!!

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